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Beneath the elegant shell lies the latest technology that will accompany you for hours. No matter when. No matter where. And of course absolutely discreetly.

credit Pawel Czerwinski nayca paradise heat technologie patent intelligenz

Patented Paradise Heat Technology

The revolutionary Paradise Heat Technology represents a true paradigm shift in heat distribution by efficiently storing and targeting the warming energy to the abdominal area. nayca's remarkable innovation puts all comparable products in the shade. With its efficient energy retention and exceptional performance, nayca sets new standards in the world of thermal products

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"Warmth relieves pain. This is not myth nor magic. It is science."

— Carina

Blissful Balmines Band

Most electronic devices or heat patches are perceived "too cold". nayca's blissful balminess band is the perfect temperature zone for soothing warmth. It feels like a warm bath or a campfire on a balmy summer night. This is made possible by the pulsating smart tech in nayca's gold-plated circuit board.

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"No plugs.
No wires.
No external powerbank."